Corporate volunteering – We create added value and talk about it

Generating added value, both for employees in our own company and for society – that’s what corporate volunteering is all about.

Sustainability is one of our corporate goals. We have been committed to environmental protection and sustainability for several years. But that’s not enough for us – we want to do even more. As part of a corporate volunteering project around the Engelberg-Titlis destination, our Managing Director Marco Dröge ensured that a forest path was repaired: “Out of the office and into nature. We were able to experience this ourselves on site, implement it and make our own contribution. That was a wonderful experience for all of us”.

Corporate volunteering – before and after pictures of the repaired forest path

In addition, the BlachReport Dialog on the topic of corporate volunteering was recorded as a podcast and discussed with six selected experts from the industry. Marco Dröge was one of these experts.