Speaking to the point.
Thinking as far as it goes.
Target orientated to a T..

Let’s talk about infotainment.

Our brain isn’t digital. Not everything is heard, understood and implemented.

That’s why we use the latest findings in learning psychology and neuropsychology to convey messages in a tailor-made and goal-oriented way. And because patients, office personnel, pharmacists, doctors and specialized doctors all do things differently, we respond to them accordingly.

We enter through the eyes and ears and stay in the brain.

By producing content in an entertaining way and creating memorable live-communication that always fulfills our goal:

  • We create knowledge.
  • We stage knowledge transfer.
  • Goal-oriented and perfectly matched.

The 10 commandments of face to face

To show how we think, to say what we want, we have given ourselves guide lines that we fulfill at all times for every customer and employee, around the clock.

1. We convey knowledge for a healthier future!

For healthier people, for more efficient therapies, for better informed doctors, for a better world.

2. We exceed expectations!

Enough is not enough. We go beyond the finish line and offer that “extra mile”. Our passion for perfection.

3. We think beyond the usual!

No well-trodden paths. Thinking new things, developing ideas, furthering innovation. That’s how we do things.

4. We fight for trust!

Our customers’ trust is our praise. That’s why we fight for it. With the best quality, and always an eye for timing and budget.

5. We show backbone!

We have an opinion and we show it. Because we meet you at eye level as true partners and good consultants.

6. We are outstanding and not just standard!

We’re not ordinary, we are extraordinary, we use our concentrated creative potential for more than just standard.

7. We are the heart of the agency!

We are a community of shared values made up of very different people, who approach each other and others with respect, good will and empathy.

8. We’re on fire and infectious!

We love our work and are passionate about it. That’s infectious and stimulating for customers and colleagues.

9. We’re courageous!

We say what we think and know what we’re doing. We are fearless, ready to face criticism and seek dialogue.

10. We carry responsibility!

We face our challenges, tackle them and take them to guaranteed success.