We rock the Doc

Because to begin with, every physician is a human being.

It’s our job to create knowledge that stays sustainably with the target group.

Medical learning that involves, integrates and interactivates. And that is always creative, campaign-oriented, and conforms to the code. Not only in a classical sense, but also digitally with perfect websites, webinars, casts, streams and apps.

Medical education thrives on the right mix between creation and repetition. And extends from the Advisory Board to strategic workshops, regional training sessions all the way to big events. With all of this, creation is always just a means to an end and repetition is the means with which to imprint important facts in the memory. This way we work goal-oriented, efficiency-based and soft on the budget, starting from strategic consultation that is always custom-made in order to find and realize the best solution for every task.

From neuroscience, we have learned that successful medical education needs a combination of all channels to reach eyes and ears and to stay in the mind. In all three channels, we at face to face possess excellence and expertise:


1. Staged live-communication

We stage your strategy by making knowledge perceptible to all senses. Worlds of experience designed to make sure that knowledge is easy to remember. Through eyes and ears into your mind.


2. Inspired print communication

Even in the digital age, people continue to live and learn with books, images and brochures. We produce these with all our educational know-how. Because we know how knowledge is retained.


3. Innovative digital communication

Digital channels are fundamentally changing all forms of communication. As pioneers, we are at the front lines, and familiar with all formats. Whether it’s websites, casts, streams or apps, whether online training or web-based learning, we show you how knowledge finds its way.


We strive for stringency and transparency

Our chains of communication are goal- and solution-oriented and always compliant with the transparency code and anti-corruption law. As an agency that gets new FSA-certification year after year, we put emphasis on an upright attitude and acting transparently.