We keep our feet at the carpet.
Even when it’s flying.

Your vision becomes our mission.

We are realistic utopians with almost 20 years of experience. We have a clear 6 – phase work process, with which we evidently have been extremely successful:

The six winning numbers for your success:

1. Strategic consulting

Questions are the beginning of understanding. Together, we analyze the goals you’ve set and develop a target-oriented strategy: live, digital or in combination.

2. Concept development

With a meticulous eye for target groups and budget, we develop the right concept for your needs. Competent concerning content, reliable in relation to methods and full of creative ideas..

3. Project planning

Every step is captured in the production book, timing is defined, prices compared, costs optimized.

4. Project management

An experienced project team takes care of you, does the research, checks locations and service providers, finds lecturers and speakers.

5. Production management

The project is ready to go and experiences its realization. Now things get exciting, everything has to function as a whole. Our sole goal is then: to successfully convey knowledge and spark real enthusiasm among participants and customers.

6. Follow-up

After the project, comes the analysis. Everything is evaluated, the success factors documented and transparently calculated. Every project sets benchmarks for the following projects. That’s just a matter of consistency.