face to face in three words?
Health. Care. Communication.

242 more words on why to work with us:

We carve knowledge
The core of our business is to generate and transfer knowledge. We master complex medical content and deliver learning experiences that are built to last within the target groups. For this we develop methods and means for all communication channels – always connecting the dots between live, digital and print.


Three focus target groups
Generally we focus on healthcare professionals, pharmacies and employees of pharmaceutical companies – exceptions prove the rule.
We know those groups by heart, serving to educate themselves and be educated efficiently since 1999.

Our working relationships with all market majors and lots of medium and small companies allow us a wide perspective onto the medical education landscape in Germany, which benefits all our customers.


Quality, standards, logistics
We offer a wide array of services – project and guest management being the pillars of our work and extending to certification, finance, evaluation, contracts etc. All those services are based on highest quality standards and service level agreements with our processes being certified regarding compliance regulations within Germany. All those services surround our creative conception, strategic consultation and methodological facilitation to ensure a best-in-class 360° medical education experience.

We. The agency.

Thinking for customers

Speaking to the point. Thinking things through. Target-oriented to a T.

Experts for knowledge

The most difficult market can also be the most beautiful.

Team for success

It’s all about minds.

Strategy for goals

We keep our feeet at the carpet. Even when it’s flying.

Feedback from customers

Everything our customers say, really says everything.

Jobs for tomorrow

You may be just the one we need.








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