face to face takes online networking and open space events to a new level: 3D open world platform Joinera joins the team

face to face continues to pioneer in digital events: Through the exclusive, worldwide partnership with the online platform Joinera, the agency extends it’s range of available formats. In the field of virtual encounters, the new team creates a serious alternative to what has been exclusive to real-life meetings until now: Trade fairs, marketplaces and networking events finally meet the advantages of digital worlds, that can be freely explored via avatars. The special feature: The own video image and thus the interpersonal encounter always remain in focus. The users experience a completely different level of immersion.

Discovering content in a self-determined manner and while in dialogue (with experts or in a team) increases active and interactive participation. Important messages become more memorable. At the same time, classic advantages of event digitization remain: a potentially higher reach, time savings and sustainability. This way, even extraordinary online experiences such as job fairs, rock concerts, creative workshops or onboardings are created in addition to common meeting and event formats.


Complex worlds, easy operation

Conceptual design, event services, live streaming and the advantages of the Joinera platform will now come from a single source while remaining in the high face to face quality standards. Joinera offers an easy-to-use interface that is accessible via web browsers. Minimal hardware requirements without additional software downloads make it suitable for highly secured, international corporate networks and users who have no experience navigating three-dimensional online worlds.

The versatility of the platform is also reflected in Joinera’s customers: Microsoft, Volkswagen Group, Novartis, Johnson&Johnson, Avast, Hewlett-Packard, Škoda and T-Mobile have already dived into worlds designed especially for them. The main advantage over other platforms and solutions are its business readiness and flexibility, that has been achieved by the combination of event and coding expertise. The learnings of thousands of hours across different functions spent in various online event styles have been implemented. In combination with the in-house competences in audiovisual storytelling and content creation, clients of face to face can more then ever look forward to unforgettable event experiences on- and offline alike.