“The digital evolution of customer and employee communication.”

Is the future of pharmaceutical events digital?

Since there are hardly any face-to-face events at the moment, a lot of things are being done digitally. The question now is how long will this take and will it remain so?

From Marco Dröge, managing director face to face GmbH 
“The Corona pandemic has changed the way companies communicate with their customers and employees in the long term. The constraints imposed by the safety and hygiene measures imposed by Covid19 have forced companies to rethink the concepts of events and business trips. From webinars and video conferences to virtual meetings and online press conferences – the range of digital event concepts is diverse.

The advantages are obvious: The bond with customers and employees is maintained, travel times are omitted and the location and time-independent knowledge transfer offers both the organizers and participants a high benefit. The need for shared experiences and an authentic exchange with each other has gained in importance due to the lockdown and social distancing. The communication agency for sustainable, eventful knowledge transfer supports companies and institutions significantly in adapting familiar offline concepts into successful online events.

Many companies have found that they can maintain their ability to act even with fewer attendance events. We transfer their events into new online concepts for them, so they remain in an open dialogue with their employees and customers. But online events also present special challenges in order to generate the desired added value.
The special feature of planning and implementing digital events is, on the one hand, the creation of the technical prerequisites and, on the other hand, interaction and the desired knowledge transfer. Content creation, storytelling and adaptation to digital and hybrid event formats play a decisive role in creating added value and create the desired customer experience. We currently work a lot with scenic film and audio formats. The results are extremely exciting, surprising and entertaining events – live, hybrid or digital. For a creative and emotional knowledge transfer, we use a variety of interaction and participation tools, such as gamification, second device integration or augmented and virtual reality.

We will soon be opening our first virtual trade fairs. I am very excited about the acceptance by customers and the response of the visitors. After all, we are in the midst of a major upheaval process, and the tools and formats are developing rapidly. Even if the first virtual congresses are not yet widely attended at the beginning, we see great potential for the future here. Hybrid solutions and online events will meet people’s needs for knowledge transfer independent of time and location in the long term and will enrich conventional formats. We enjoy creating innovative and customized concepts for our clients and are constantly developing as an agency. This year we have already planned and implemented more than 150 digital events.“

(PM-Report 8/20)