Pastries in our luggage – helping people in need and voluntarily making a difference

Normally – like every year – there would be delicious yeast-risen pastries on the desks of our customers now. But this year everything is different. It was to be expected that the fresh yeast-risen pastries  would be left lying around in many post offices and in the end could no longer be consumed. After all, most customers, like us, are in their home offices.

The management of face to face GmbH thought that despite the Corona crisis, this nice tradition should be kept up, even if a little bit differently: Decided together with all employees, this year the yeast-risen pastries were not sent to our customers, but were donated to homeless people in downtown Cologne.

Together with the volunteers from Helping Hands Cologne e.V. we were allowed to participate in one of the weekly cold and supply walks. In compliance with hygiene and distance rules, fresh meals, hot drinks, fresh clothes, hygiene articles as well as blankets and sleeping bags are distributed there – and last Friday also our yeast-risen pastries, who put a smile on the faces of one or the other. We were very happy about that.

Public life has changed throughout Germany as a result of the Corona crisis. Cologne is also strongly affected by the corona virus. Due to the second lockdown, only a few people are left on the streets and public places to slow down the spread of the corona virus. But fewer people on the streets also means fewer donations for the homeless and this hits them particularly hard. Because they are dependent on help. Often they have no more than what they wear on their bodies and what fits into one or two bags, perhaps a small suitcase.

Helping can be so simple and beautiful.

The yeast-risen pastries were distributed during the weekly cold and supply run on 06.11.2020 of Helping Hands Colgne e.V. Jennifer Walker and Karin Wieczorek from face to face helped with the distribution.