Malta-Sun, Beach and More

Our team weekend this year took place with 66 colleagues from April 22-24 in Malta. Bright sun, turquoise blue water and unique landscapes…. everything just fit here.

Day 1 – The reunion

Already at the airport in Germany you were very happy when the first colleagues could finally see each other face to face after two years of pandemic and home office. In a good mood, we boarded the plane for Malta.

Upon arrival in Malta, not only the happy faces of the Alpine-Sterling team smiled at us, but also our logo. After a bus ride of about 45 minutes, during which we could collect the first impressions of this unique landscape, we arrived at the hotel – the Dolmen Resort Hotel. More beautiful than the hotel was THE RECOVERY! Since we didn’t all arrive on the same plane, the other colleagues were already waiting for us at the pool with small Maltese delicacies and drinks. Taking a deep breath and just relaxing was the order of the day until the evening program.

Some of us explored the hotel, others went to the hotel beach and others just sat by the pool and enjoyed the sun.

In the early evening, two buses took us to the beautiful city of Mdina. Mdina, the former capital of Malta, attracts with more than 4,000 years of history. In small groups we went through the big baroque city gate, the Main Gate, which takes your breath away and is known from Game Of Thrones, directly into the old town of Mdina. And from then on it was a matter of amazement and enjoyment. It should be clear that one or the other historical treasure can be found here.

After our city tour, we still had some time to stroll on our own through the many narrow streets and just 235 inhabitants large city. Hidden courtyards, alleys that suddenly stop and idyllic green spaces – it was as if the clocks were turning slower here.

After all the impressions in Mdina and by now also growling stomachs, we went to Valletta for the longed-for meal. In this beautiful event location with a view of the sea and the old town, an incredibly delicious 3-course menu was waiting for us. This was a great way to end the eventful day.


Day 2 – We want more

In the morning after breakfast we walked towards the harbor. There was already a catamaran waiting for us in the direction of Valletta, which we had from face to face for exclusive use. So everyone had enough space to lie down, enjoy a drink or two and sizzle in the sun – including sunburn.

After two hours on the crystal clear water we arrived in Valletta. Although Valletta is the smallest capital in Europe in terms of area, the capital of Malta has a lot of sights to offer that you can’t explore all in a single day, but we tried anyway.

We took the glass elevator from the harbor up into the city to the Upper Barrakka Gardens. From there we had a sensational view over the harbor and the old fortress walls. From there we went again in small groups to the restaurant, where culinary delicacies from Malta were waiting for us. One or the other even tried the Maltese national drink Kinnie. Strengthened, we then went through the city. Past the Grand Master’s Palace, whose magnificent rooms are often used for state visits, but because of the many precious art treasures are also open for tours and St. John’s Co-Cathedral. The former convent church of the Knights of St. John is located in the heart of Valletta. Here we also had time to enjoy and could walk through the winding streets of the old town. Only so one could feel the charm of the city. Here and there you can also always find a pretty photo motif – a small hidden wooden balcony decorated with flowers or colorful windows, even the English telephone booths can still be seen.

Our tour of Valletta ended with the imposing city gate at the Triton Fountain, where our buses were already waiting for us.

Back at the hotel we had some time to take care of our sunburn and freshen up. At 8 p.m. we were welcomed by our general manager in the hotel’s own event location right by the sea. Food and drinks as far as the eye could see.

We danced, laughed and celebrated into the night. Two days, 66 colleagues, many new friendships and insights are the summary of this team weekend in Malta.


We say thank you

… for this unique experience

… for this unforgettable time

… for the unbelievable good organization

… for this great food, which made everybody happy

… for a lot of sun and the first summer feelings

… for a real and carefree (re)acquaintance of all colleagues

… for a weekend of breathing