High increase in field service conferences – especially in the countryside

Based on the slogan of the face to face GmbH, “WE.CREATE.KNOWLEDGE”, the Cologne-based agency with focus on healthcare live communication, carried out an above-average number of field service meetings in the first half of 2017. In addition to the transfer of information and knowledge, the topic of “deceleration” is increasingly gaining priority. “Certainly, we win our customers over primarily through our methodical-didactic training concepts. However, the demand to combine learning and working in a pleasant atmosphere and to focus on employees as human beings has increased enormously. That is why we like to offer our customers “rent a village”-solution” explains face to face CEO Marco Dröge.

The benefit: every individual as well as the group as a whole gains the opportunity to experience and redefine them self far away from the daily routine. “The keyword is “concentration on the essentials” explains Marco Dröge. “During such conferences, the focus lies usually on committing the team to the corporate goals or a new strategy. Sometimes a scientific topic should be enlarged upon. It turned out, that destinations for all these events in Germany and neighboring countries are particularly well suited. ”

Another effect of this development is, according to Marco Dröge, that the “face to face GmbH” leases small resorts for such events. “It has transpired, that there – in the middle of nature – the motivation of the sales team to engage with a topic is particularly high and has a lasting effect,” emphasizes Marco Dröge.

Thus, the orientation of such conferences in recent years has developed largely from the former “higher, faster, further” away to an individual, tailor-made solution. “We are noticing a huge back to the roots trend, which goes hand in hand with the topic of deceleration. The participants like it green, authentic and sustainable “, explains Marco Dröge. It was equally important to face to face customers that the events had a low CO² footprint.

The core of all activities: Medical Edutainment

The success of the agency is still determined by the stringent focus on medical education. The goal is to expose the core of the information to the customer so that he can subsequently package it in a didactic way that makes it fun for the participants in the event to discover it for themselves. “In this way, we charge up the brand and surprise and inspire organizers as well as participants again and again,” says Marco Dröge.

Caption: Concentration on the essentials – when carrying out external sales meetings, the agency scores face-to-face with methodical-didactic training concepts.